unnamedBellerophone then is also something I had not encountered before. Here we have one piece that lasts thirty-one minutes (which seems a standard thing, right?) and a quote from Tao Te Ching on the cover. No instruments are mentioned; no… ah… you know the drill by now. Music wise we are finally allowed some place of rest here. Finally the tag ‘drone’ actually means something, I would think, even when the drone doesn’t have the form of a cigar (quick fade in, and staying on the same volume level for the rest of the piece), but an active, lively piece of slowly enveloping minimal electronic sound. I would think this is all the work of electronics, mainly synthesizers making curves and waves, rather than being set to sustain on the same tone for an endless amount of time. As said minimalism rules in this piece and for the main part it is all quite low in volume, going from mid-range to low-range, on an active course of change, ending on a more fierce note towards the end, without it getting the all-noise treatment we got from Meinein & N(48). Delicate is the word I was looking for, but this rough and ready ambience was well received.


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