Uses of Gravity 2018 by Attenutation Circuit

Uses of Gravity 2018 by Attenutation Circuit

I am happy to announce the digital re – release of my 2014 album “Uses of Gravity” by Attenuation Circuit, Germany


– bellerophone I Uses of Gravity

Built around neglected recordings, products of moments with my long lost first modular synthesizer, “Uses of Gravity” gives the opportunity to forgotten sounds, created under different circumstances and reasons, come to surface acting as the foundation for new soundscapes. Continuing from the point reached with “do you feel lucky”, not so much in style but in compositional philosophy, “Uses of Gravity” moves into more abstract and spontaneous forms, aiming towards a raw production methodology.

– Format : digital release

– Conceived, and mixed by bellerophone

– Recorded and produced in Athens 2013-2014

– Mastered by James Plotkin 2014

– Originally Released by From A Tree Records




Be well

Dimitris Santziliotis | bellerophone

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